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Please see our Terms and Condtions:

Orchard Catering Terms and Conditions

Q1-How many glasses can you get out of a bottle?

Wine- 4/5 glasses per bottle

Prosecco/ Champagne- 5/6 glasses per bottle

Q2-Do you top up our drinks during the drink's reception?

Once we have displayed and served your reception drinks, we will then go ahead and top up everyone's glasses and replenish any empty bottles if required. (If you have provided enough for us to do so).  We will always go from your guidance with how many bottles you wish to be served at each part of the day.

Q3-Can we alter menus?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Our menus are purely suggestions, we want to hear your ideas and create dishes to reflect you as a couple. Our aim is for you and your guests to love every mouthful of your food. Our team will help you put together bespoke courses and help aid your decisions.

Q4-How many staff members will be there on my day?

You will always have a designated event coordinator on your day, with a team to reflect your guest's numbers. On average for a 50 adult wedding breakfast you would have 2 Kitchen staff members and a front of house team of 5, which includes a front of house manager.

Q5-What do your team wear?

Your event coordinator will be in a black dress, and the team in black trousers or skirt with black smart top. They will all wear our Orchard Catering aprons.

Q6-How many canapes do you get each?

We usually offer between 4-6 canape options for each guest, which means your guests will get at least one of each canape to try. You may think this is not enough, we can confirm we haven't ever run out of canapes so no need to worry about this.  Some guests will have more than others and it normally balances out. 

Q7-How long does service take?

Service can take between an hour and 2 hours depending on the menu you wish to have on your day, we can discuss the timings with you. Depending on numbers we allow as a guide, 30 minutes for Starters, 45-60 minutes for main course and 30 minutes for dessert.  This really does depend on guests too. 

Q8-Recommended timings of the day?

You will see below an example of timings for a wedding day:

Ceremony: 12:30pm

Reception drinks/Canapes: 1:15pm

Guests take seats: 3pm

Wedding breakfast served: 3:30pm

Speeches: 5:30pm

Evening guests arrive:7pm

Cake cutting: 7:30pm

First dance: 8pm

Evening food: 8:30pm